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Formerly Pinguins_and_Zebras // Pingu :3

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Skooter Lee
Skooter Lee

Thank you all so much!!!!

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Joined Jan 26, 2009
Member For 12 years, 10 months, 6 days
Name Jazzy
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Club Bubbles World
Shops Bear's Den, Bear's Books
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Battle Arena Intermediate (1,015)
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Latest User Comments
October 29 2011 @ 8:05PM by sw3etangel
Happy Happy Birthday! TO YOU! (:
November 08 2011 @ 12:42PM by harry-potter
where did you get the spider silk hat from? :O
November 14 2011 @ 3:56PM by Thanksgiving Turkey
Gobble Gobble!
November 14 2011 @ 7:24PM by Nortara
Yes, I am still interested in the spider hat!! I don't have many coins or cPoints, but I would love to trade or buy it! I have the spooky twig, it's just 'spooky background' I'm looking for ^_^
November 14 2011 @ 11:05PM by Nortara
I will trade you my lovebird squishie for your spider silk top hat, if you think that's fair?
November 14 2011 @ 11:21PM by Nortara
Thank YOU, dear! I go nuts for the Halloween wearables! ^_^
November 21 2011 @ 4:35PM by Skooter Lee
Yeah, Bubbles ate it.
November 24 2011 @ 4:43AM by Annie
Thank you for your very generous shop. Being new it all helps very much :)
September 01 2012 @ 3:41AM by Lios
last seen 2 months 5 days ago feed your pets you neglectful woman <3
January 04 2013 @ 6:49PM by harry-potter
Hi kiyo! It's been ages!
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