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Hi I'm Qtpie I was raised in the South, but have lived in Michigan for the past 17 years. My husband (Mythra1Put a smile on! and I just started playing CW. I'm Loving it so far =^^= I'm an Eclectic Mom of 3 and also a small YouTube Entertainer. I love video games (Minecraft, Skyrim, Sims, Subeta & Creature Breeder). I Love Music (ALL Kinds except the Death Metal Screaming kind). I like Cats, Vampire, Fairies, Tarot, Crystals,Flowers, birds, trees, anything Whimsical, Arts and Crafts. One of my Favorite Artists is Jasmine Becket-Griffith aka Strangeling. I've collected her work since 1999 when we first met on Ebay. I am a HUGE Movie Lover and I watch a bunch of TV series like TWD, Reign, Once Upon a time, True blood and many more. My Best friend lives in Norway and I hope to visit one day. I want to Travel with my hubby one day soon. I want to see Japan and the Philippines, where my cousins were born and live. My Favorite Colors are Hot Pink, Teal/Aqua, Greens and Black. I love meeting new people and people describe me as a Sweetheart, kind, compassionate, a bit Sassy at times and funny =) I Love Stickers, Plushies & Collecting items. I hope you will stop by and say HI! Qtpie
I'm a New Grandma. My 21yr old daughter had sweet little Ainsley about 6 months ago.
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Here's a few pics =)
And here's Me =)
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March 09 2015 @ 5:48PM by Silver116
Hiya Newvbie! Thanks, I didn't draw it though. ;)
March 11 2015 @ 8:01PM by paisleydaisy
Glad you like my profile page. Those are my sweeties!
March 23 2015 @ 5:30AM by wyasp2008
thanks for comment
May 05 2015 @ 1:52PM by bahearts
Hi how r u?
June 11 2015 @ 5:57PM by debdeb
You just take care of yourself and know that your friends here are thinking about you and keeping you in their prayers. Be strong, fight until it's beaten. *hug*
June 11 2015 @ 10:09PM by debdeb
sending you more kites
July 03 2015 @ 8:10PM by debdeb
Have a safe and happy 4th yourself. *hugs*
July 03 2015 @ 8:36PM by genie3c
Same to you have yourself a safe, happy and fun time.
July 03 2015 @ 9:13PM by Bubbles
Thanks and hope you have a great holiday too. :)
July 12 2015 @ 7:24PM by harry-potter
Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Hope you had a lovely day! You had lots of message from people in the shoutbox but unfortunately they were probably gone before you had time to read them!
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