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November 01 2014 @ 8:07PM by Friesianlover
thanks, I'm good on books right now but they are good to have to read to your pet and make the pet smarter because you want to go to the employment agency and get your pet a job and earn more points!!!
November 01 2014 @ 8:14PM by Friesianlover
you are jumping right in so keep playing your game. there's so much to do have fun
November 01 2014 @ 8:35PM by harry-potter
No problem!
November 01 2014 @ 9:41PM by Gracie
Thanks for letting me know but that is just a wishlist not really a buying list.
November 01 2014 @ 9:47PM by Friesianlover
would love the gumball and 999999999 means no item in user shops
November 01 2014 @ 9:59PM by Friesianlover
November 02 2014 @ 10:09AM by paisleydaisy
Welcome to Creature World!
November 02 2014 @ 5:39PM by crazykathy
welcome to CW :D
November 02 2014 @ 5:40PM by Silver116
Hi Beth! Welcome, I'm Silver. ;)
November 03 2014 @ 2:45PM by april29
Hi Bethany Welcome to CW !!!!!!
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