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Well, I am new to the site and to the staff team so... a little about me:
Everywhere I go online I am mostly known as Octoberstorms, October for short.
I have worked for Mythodreas as an artist known under the same name. Using the same name practically helps me remember my login information because I hate changing things with a passion. =D
So, I am a pretty conservative person. One of my many ticks is having to change things. If I were to be told to change my schedule especially a large "devastating" change, I wont be very happy. A change in my environment is pretty huge for me too.
I am going to college and just walking around the building gave me anxiety. -.-'
I was told by one of my program instructors that I have social anxiety and need a lot of "emotional" support and that my people skills lack.
However, once I get settled in, meet some people, the shock of it all wears off.
So I'm one of those shy people who may be mistaken as smug because I wont talk to anyone I don't know. But once I make friends, I do the most dumbest things that I can do and after a while you will think," I don't think this is the person I first met..."
So don't be afraid to talk to me! Once I get to know you, I can't stop- be warned.

Anyways, I do enjoy drawing (obviously). I plan to go study graphic technology communications for two years then branch off into a larger artistic department.
I have no idea what I would do with my tablet, so those who do artwork with a mouse, kudos to you!

My favorite animals consist of various breeds of felines and canines. I have seen wolves in person at the Minnisota Ely Wolf Sanctuary and have donated there. It was amazing and I suggest for anyone to take a trip down to see the pack.
I have also seen tigers and lions at the Missouri Big Cat Zoo which had shut down a long time ago.
These animals are much different in real life then they are through pictures. They look much more... real. A lion cub is big enough to take on my Rottwieler.
Wolves are huge, definitely bigger then a common domestic dog. The most striking feature to me were the paws. Their paws were as big as a full grown man's hand.

Anyways, there is a lot about me, but I'm not going to bore you or me about it. ^.^

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May 23 2013 @ 1:56AM by Gracie
Hi, welcome to cw and love your art :)
May 23 2013 @ 11:29PM by octoberstorms
Thank you for the welome! :D
May 25 2013 @ 9:29PM by Bubbles
awww, you have a Rottie. I miss my baby *sobs*
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