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Hallo. o3o Buy stuff.
Owner: Sporks
Items in shop: 53

Owner: Chant
Items in shop: 17
Noroelle┬┤s Shop

Owner: noroelle
Items in shop: 5

Owner: tawnie88
Items in shop: 983
Hi every one
Owner: iceman
Items in shop: 170
Loxa's Bizarre.
Stuff...If it's got a price it is for Sale.If it doesn't have a price then it isn't for Sale, so please don't mail me Put a smile on!
Owner: Loxa
Items in shop: 123

Owner: win96
Items in shop: 22
The Anyone Botique
Mainly clothes but a few toys!
Owner: 17longsarah
Items in shop: 1
quinns :] itams

Owner: Quinn
Items in shop: 1
Hey! Welcome to S-K-A-T-E. Everything you need for the lowest prices!
Owner: skateboard89
Items in shop: 2
You know you need this stuff!
Owner: debdeb
Items in shop: 971

Owner: rosariovampire
Items in shop: 36
Samson's Bazaar
A shop selling various items ranging from gumballs to dresses!!!
Owner: angelsamson
Items in shop: 3
Sunday Sours

Owner: uwerehere
Items in shop: 4
Gutgore's tresures

Owner: Texasmami
Items in shop: 45
Random Items
If i get items that i dont especially want ill put them here... i guess... im incredibly computer inept so... ya...
Owner: Hiss
Items in shop: 1

Owner: Keter
Items in shop: 3
The Weapon

Owner: Kyaw
Items in shop: 9
bits and peices

Owner: raybee16
Items in shop: 3
Bear's Den
Total Purchases: 1,497 Total Profits: 4,119,901 cPoints
Owner: KiyoBear
Items in shop: 392
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