Pet Colors

Pet Species

You can only have 12 pets at a time, you currenty have 4 pet(s).

Pet Colors:

Regular Colors

Most colors can be changed at the Pet Groomer located in Ritzy Acres of Skylight City. In order to recolor your pet, press "recoloring" and pay the amount specified and your pet will change colors!

Special Colors

Only certain pets can be changed into a special color. Please use the guide to check if your pet species is able to be changed to your desired color!


The Android color is a unique robotic color. Your pet can be changed this color by having your pet enter a "portal" item. Each species has it's own unique portal. For example, the Lestro species has a Lestro Portal that can be used only on a Lestro while a Quibble Portal is only for a Quibble.


The Camo color is just as the name suggests, your pet changes into camouflage! Your pet can be changed by using the Camo Colorizer.


The Spring color makes the top half of your pet a sky with clouds color and the bottom half look like grass. Your pet can be changed by using the Spring Colorizer.


The Haunted Color makes a ghostly looking pet. Your pet can be changed by using Ghostly Goo.

Pet Species:

Halloween Cat

The Halloween Cat is a special pet that is aquired during Halloween. A Halloween Cat can be created by using a Skeleton Key.


A Kairoperia can be found by entering The Cave in Ashe Grove with a Skull Adorned Skeleton Key

Robot Bee

The Robot Bee can change any species by feeding it Honey


A Valenus can be created by using a Skull of Valentines Past

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