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Thank you to Cluny, Iris, Nortara, Erath, Dianne1999, CW Team, Carolinepuppylover, Cmy376, Anubis_Werewolf, KrypticLogik, Brooklyn, Chelsea and Laughatyou for giving me items for my wish list.

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Latest User Comments
May 27 2011 @ 6:25AM by KrypticLogik
I am also quite well. I hope you enjoyed your luncheoning.
May 27 2011 @ 11:55AM by KrypticLogik
Sounds like a nice thing to do. ... dang you... you made me hungry now. and everything is closed. But still. glad you had a fun lunch. I haven't had lunch with friends in months. :(
May 30 2011 @ 2:05PM by Sophia
Thank you, it's been fun so far.
May 30 2011 @ 9:52PM by KrypticLogik
You are pure sugar-coated evilness, you know that? But it's no drama. I still likes you all the same. Plus it reminds me that I need to eat occasionally, so it's kind of a good thing.
May 31 2011 @ 9:31AM by KrypticLogik
Occasionally means once a day. sometimes less, sometimes twice a day. Rarely three times. and it is fun being sugar-coated evilness. I like it too.
December 12 2011 @ 1:55AM by harry-potter
If you give me aires, Easter and summer teddy bear I can give you bag of 10 shaes coins?
March 17 2012 @ 5:18PM by scribbles
December 12 2016 @ 5:42PM by Skooter Lee
Thank You!
December 12 2016 @ 5:42PM by Skooter Lee
Thank You!
December 24 2016 @ 5:48PM by Friesianlover
you are most welcome. I hope it added to your collection
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