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November 06 2009 @ 3:22PM by cindy22
yeah and its kinda cool cuz i have a sister on this site 2
November 07 2009 @ 9:41AM by cindy22
hey u need any clothes?
November 07 2009 @ 11:14AM by wackabump
Sure, I'll be your friend you seem nice. I'd appreciate some clothes, but you don't have to give me any, it's very generous of you.
November 10 2009 @ 4:53PM by cindy22
cool u sure have alot of pets! thats nice of u for keeping the pets all nice :)
November 10 2009 @ 5:03PM by wackabump
so far I only had towash one and ibought 2 and adopted the rest
November 22 2009 @ 2:24PM by cindy22
hey wacka!!
November 22 2009 @ 4:49PM by wackabump
December 31 2009 @ 8:46PM by cindy22
Hi wat's sup?
January 16 2010 @ 1:46PM by cindy22
hi! wat r u doing?
January 20 2010 @ 10:38PM by cindy22
Hey! Where's your sister?
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