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A video gamer, Tv Show Fanatic, a Movie addict and someone who gets pins & needles everyone minute of every hour of everyday.

kingdom hearts photo: kingdom hearts Kingdom_Hearts_.jpg

Also Don't forget to check out my shop, I have restocked it with plenty of great items and they are cheap!! Put a smile on!


-Any mushroom, whether I have them in my collection or not but here are the mushrooms I don't have in my collection. Will trade for any mushrooms though Put a smile on!

Autumn Mushrooms
Bat Mushroom
Broken Hearted Mushroom
Bumble Bee Mushroom
Christmas Tree Mushroom
Clown Mushroom
Coal Mushroom
Dead Eye Mushroom
Decorated Easter Mushroom
Flaming Mushroom
Fleshy Betentacled Mushroom
Golden IRC Mushroom
Green Betentacled Mushroom
Green Mushroom

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Latest User Comments
February 27 2015 @ 5:54AM by sp95
Do you mean bangtan boys?
February 27 2015 @ 6:00AM by sp95
Quite like.
February 27 2015 @ 6:04AM by sp95
Not really. I think everyone in bts is equally good. Are you a fan of them?
February 27 2015 @ 6:18AM by sp95
Your bias is jungkook? I also quite likes him. He has the same birth year as me.
February 27 2015 @ 6:47AM by sp95
You are 96 liner or 98 liner? I also like groups like exo, infinite and vixx. Is there any other groups that you like as well?
February 27 2015 @ 7:09AM by sp95
I did listen to the songs of those groups that you have mentioned.
February 27 2015 @ 7:31AM by PanickingPastry
Thanks :)
February 27 2015 @ 8:01AM by sp95
Oh I see. Wow, you check out most or all the kpop idol groups.
February 27 2015 @ 9:54PM by sp95
Haha, ok. =)
April 03 2015 @ 2:43AM by Friesianlover
i thought it was pretty intense i want to watch it one more time how about you
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