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pugs are cool

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Latest User Comments
February 14 2012 @ 3:37AM by Rindy2121
I just love your site name
March 01 2012 @ 1:55AM by Rindy2121
Sorry for the latest reply. I joined twitter and nope haven't made one yet. don't know what i should name it
March 07 2012 @ 12:55AM by Rindy2121
Yep,I made one
March 07 2012 @ 1:25AM by Rindy2121 MAH TUMBLR SITE :P
September 06 2013 @ 11:02PM by Rindy2121
September 07 2013 @ 8:48PM by Rindy2121
Happy 4 years dude
September 13 2013 @ 4:24AM by Rindy2121
Ehhh give it another 2 months :) How have you been? Up to date with Teen wolf?
September 16 2013 @ 3:16AM by Rindy2121
Yah I've watched the new season, sucks that they split the 3rd season into two parts and I have to wait until next year to watch 3B. Also, you work now?
September 28 2013 @ 12:21AM by Rindy2121
Woah cool. And come on, I really want you to watch it and I'm not spoiling anything for you. Except the fact that there are 7 new characters, Isaac is hotter :P, some die, some live, there are like a billion alphas (not exactly true),you'll see a younger version of Derek, Lydia is more special than we thought oh and of course, Isaac is bloody hot!
October 31 2018 @ 7:19PM by Rindy2121
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