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Hi I'm roxan111.I really like swimming,chatting and laughing.

My favorite food is hot food and my
favorite desserts are ice-cream and ice-cream cake.Put a smile on!
i really like the games!I've made 30 nice friends and i hope i make more!Everyone in Creature World is very nice I'm liking it here.=-)

i really like this website it is very fun.Anyone could play, keep up the good work Creature World!:good:
And by the way please add me as a friend!!!

i really am trying to be very kind to people:blush:

wish list:
Any kind of mushroom i don't have!

from know on whoever is my frend then i'll give them a free gift! 8-)
+My Best Frenz!

This user is currently AWAY:

if I'm away i must be at school or busy, i will catch u later!

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February 16 2010 @ 3:39PM by cindy22
I'm doing awesome!!! V:D I'm so glad to see u on! I thought ur mom wouldn't let you on... that's wat Rindy said. :P
February 16 2010 @ 9:52PM by Lish
I'm good, but I haven't been online much, what about you? :3
February 25 2010 @ 5:20PM by Nortara
What in paritcular do you want me to price, dear? They're pretty much all galleries now. About the only thing I sell anymore are mushrooms and things I won't need for the quests ^_^
February 26 2010 @ 6:07AM by Rindy2121
ellohay oxanray!
March 10 2010 @ 9:38PM by Rindy2121
iay maay oodgay hankstay
April 08 2011 @ 7:39PM by Sasho
Hey, Roxan! :)
April 08 2011 @ 7:40PM by Roxan111
hey it been long i havent been on this
April 08 2011 @ 7:44PM by Sasho
April 08 2011 @ 9:16PM by Silver116
June 04 2011 @ 12:31AM by Rindy2121
Hey how are you?
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