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WishList! Part 1! Gumballs!

*2009 Gumball*
*Cheese Gumball*
*Easter Egg Gumball*
*Evil Smiley Gumball*
*Firework Gumball*
*Four Leaf Clover Gumball*
*Good Smiley Gumball*
*Irc Gumball One*
*Mystical Dragon Gumball*
*Ocean Wave Gumball*
*Quibble Gumball*
*Red Polka Dot Gumball*

Just to let you know, My favorite show to watch is...
general hospital Pictures, Images and Photos
My Favorite Character is...
Laura Wright Pictures, Images and Photos
And of course my favorite couple is...
carly and jax Pictures, Images and Photos - Glitter Graphics - Glitter Graphics - Glitter Graphics

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Latest User Comments
October 31 2009 @ 4:08PM by buddylove
I don't do the collection games much, but I know I have quite a few squishies in the Squishie collection, and gumballs, I never did the mushrooms though, I might eventually ;)
October 31 2009 @ 4:13PM by buddylove
That's why I'm saving them, I have 30 or so in my safe I'm saving up to sell them either to a member or the pawn shop, whichever I think will make more.
October 31 2009 @ 4:54PM by kitala
It was for halloween! err i needed a excuse to give random people stuff. I wanted to!
November 01 2009 @ 7:32AM by cindy22
oh hey rosa go on gmail pleaz
November 01 2009 @ 7:36AM by cindy22
i have to finish telling u what i said yesterday but i didnt finish
November 14 2009 @ 6:29AM by Roxan111
hi i need to ask u a question and its important!!
November 14 2009 @ 6:29AM by Roxan111
hi i need to ask u a question and its important!!
November 15 2009 @ 10:28PM by Roxan111
ok u want me to tell and i will why did u remove me from your frend list???=/
July 05 2010 @ 5:11PM by twilight_grl
Do you watch Vampire Diaries....or read the books???
June 04 2011 @ 11:08PM by Rindy2121
Heya girl
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