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Latest User Comments
December 16 2017 @ 4:08PM by meadowbreeze
hello poppy
December 16 2017 @ 6:23PM by wyasp2008
hi toyou
June 10 2018 @ 4:39AM by wyasp2008
YOU WIN THE JACKPOT!! The number: 66 You guessed: 66 You win 5,000 cPoints!
January 02 2019 @ 5:48AM by wyasp2008
hope this year 2019 is better than last year
February 18 2019 @ 6:07AM by wyasp2008
Our beloved Skooter Lee has left CW. Her health is not good now and and she is sorry but she won't be back. Her faithful service to the site is something we will all remember and appreciate. Thank you Skooter!
February 18 2019 @ 6:09AM by wyasp2008
Our beloved Skooter Lee has passed away. She fought her illness bravely. She is at peace now.
June 20 2019 @ 11:45PM by Gracie
sorry about your fur baby, but what is that it has?
June 21 2019 @ 1:42AM by wyasp2008
it was listed in shout. is some thing can only be fixed by saff
June 21 2019 @ 5:54PM by Gracie
oh sorry thought it was a real life pet but glad its ok
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