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Note for trades: I will always accept and prefer PC teardrops Put a smile on!



amethyst horn
bumble bee mushroom
bumble bee teddy bear
flaming gumball
Flower Child Teddy Bear
full bookshelf
gangsta teddy bear
Glamorous Amethyst Flower Wrist Corsage
Glamorous Onyx Flower
Glamorous Onyx Flower Wrist Corsage
magical gumball
One Year Face-Eating Gumball
rainbow coin
random monster squishie
red candle mushroom
teal furetto squishie
ultimate toy machine
Verde Furetto Squishie
white and gold masquerade mask
white mane flower
White Mane Flower Seeds
Zebra Mushroom
2012 Asteroid Apocalypse Backdrop
Fairy Penguin Squishie
Leprechaun Gumball
Blush Pink Butterfly
Queen Teddy Bear
Echos Mech Heart
Revenge of the Kraken
Robotic Head - Gold
Robotic Left Arm - Gold
Robotic Left Leg - Gold
Robotic Right Arm - Gold
Robotic Right Leg - Gold
Black Mane Flower
Black Mane Flower Seeds
Sapphire Mushroom
Bursting Zombie Arm
Tourmaline Gumball
Turkey Teddy Bear
Topaz Gumball
Autumn Mushrooms
White Heart Razor Blade
Love Serum
Plastic Pint
Decorated Easter Mushroom
Sand Monster
Adopt Me Kitty
American Teddy Bear
Zombie Pals
Phantom Squishie
Evil Eye Gumball
Autumn Gumball
Holiday Bunny
Green Elf Ears
Red Elf Hat
Brown Elf Hat
White Elf Hat
Orange Elf Hat
Green Elf Hat
White Elf Shoes
Red Elf Shoes
Orange Elf Shoes
Green Elf Shoes
Brown Elf Shoes
Original Elf Costume
White Elf Costume
Orange Elf Costume
Green Elf Costume
Brown Elf Costume
Candycane Flower Seeds
Red Rose Gumball
Love Doves
Broken Hearted Mushroom
Sweet Love Mushroom
Love Cats
Essence of Wind
Skull of Valentines Past
Egg Head Rainbow
Mr Macabre
October Premier Bag
November Premier Bag
Enchanted Gumball
Cloud Gummy
Arcane-ish Dragon Squishie
Gold and Silver Prom Dress
Gold and Silver Prom Tuxedo Shirt
Gold Prom Tuxedo Pants
Gold and Silver Prom Corsage
June Premier Bag
July Premier Bag
Prom Pin Gold and Silver
Ruby Gumball
Fireworks Teddy
October Premier Bag
Woodland Twig
Creepy Head
Left Shoulder Key Tattoo
December Premier Bag
Valentine Mushroom
Angelic Kitty Squishie
Sapphire Gumball
Pink Happiness
Pink Fox Squishie
Springtime Gumball
Foxy FooFoo
Garnet Gumball
Planet Background
Rainbow Mushroom
Aquamarine Gumball
Spring Day Gumball
Spuds the Teddy Bear
Princess Dusty
Pumpkin Baby Toy
Punk Teddy Bear
Candycane Flower Seeds
King Gumball
Queen Gumball
Ice Necklace
Crystalline Squishie
Diamond Berry
Lily Torso Tattoo
Rainbow Gumball
Ice Butterfly
Peaceful Paradise
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Furetto Gumball
Purple Wrapped Gift
Fairy Dust




Purple Badger Squishie

Username Sasho
Joined Dec 13, 2008
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Name Alexander
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Latest User Comments
November 28 2017 @ 12:08PM by debdeb
Thank you for letting me know.
January 25 2018 @ 4:20PM by Bubbles
Sasho, your account was banned because of a precaution that was account to the site a long time ago. Users who go over a specific amount of cpoints are auto banned. I removed the suspension and you should be ok now. Sorry.
January 25 2018 @ 5:54PM by debdeb
You need to hurry and get rid of cpoints because I saw it banned you again! I unbanned you. The system will keep doing it until you lower your points.
January 25 2018 @ 5:56PM by debdeb
it did it again right after I fixed it. I took 1000 points from your account. I hope that put you under the suspension threshold.
January 26 2018 @ 5:19AM by genie3c
I see it was fixed for you. I did not know what to do myself but did report it to others.
June 24 2018 @ 4:39PM by debdeb
I am so sorry. I try to be careful but sometimes I mess up.
December 30 2019 @ 8:40PM by Erath
Auctions is all yours I resign from even bidding as of today...enjoy
November 01 2020 @ 8:55PM by debdeb
Cash in the tickets by the 3rd. Thank you for playing!
November 15 2020 @ 11:22AM by debdeb
There is a problem with something controlling the site deep in the database. I think it would be a good idea not to play any games because some are badly glitching and constantly dumping cpoints into accounts over and over. It has already banned Wyasp because Booked kept rewarding him over and over until he hit 145 million cpoints which you know is the limit of cpoints allowed. Bubbles anticipates another big problem at the end of next month when all the flash games stop working. Right now I am hoping Joe, who owns the server the game is on, can be reached so he can fix everything. I couldn't send this via mail because your mailbox is full.
November 16 2020 @ 11:56AM by debdeb
Ok, 150. I am getting old so my memory is not as good as it was. I haven't heard anything from anyone about the site.
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