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I am a widow and I have 2 sons.I'm going to be working at Wally-World.

I enjoy reading,cross stitch, crossword puzzles, British comedies, and cooking.

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August 06 2013 @ 6:28PM by Friesianlover
i'll get some to you when i get a chance
September 05 2013 @ 7:44AM by tawnie88
Long time no see!! Wow! And thanks for the purchase from iShopGalore! :)
November 18 2013 @ 3:03AM by Silver116
Thanks! <3
December 16 2013 @ 8:30PM by tawnie88
Thanks for visiting iShopGalore! :)
December 31 2013 @ 10:40AM by tawnie88
Thanks for the visit to iShopGalore!
January 05 2014 @ 12:18PM by tawnie88
Thanks for stopping by iShopGalore!
March 03 2014 @ 5:37PM by Friesianlover
hugs and thanks
March 13 2014 @ 7:18AM by tawnie88
Thanks for the recent visit to my shop!
June 17 2014 @ 12:19AM by Friesianlover
thanks as always
December 25 2014 @ 3:09PM by Friesianlover
thanks and happy holidays to you as well
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