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I don't send friend requests even if I talked to you, you must send the request and I will accept it
Random friend requests are welcome too

The #1 CW family

Nicknames I like: Nova, Nova tH, NtH, Miss hedgehog, Hedgie and Miss Nova (By Maholah LOL)

Click here if you want to see my adorable dogs!
(Just watch the first 13 seconds)
If you can't see him in that link, here is their pictures!

My Deviantart page

This user is currently AWAY:

I'm either 1. sleeping 2. playing games 3. spending time in her life 4. on vacation or I lost my internet. Put a smile on! <center>For those of you who are trying to bug me, this image is for you guys! Put a smile on!</center> <center><img></center>

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Latest User Comments
May 23 2010 @ 9:19PM by Skooter Lee
Happy Birthday, Nova!
May 26 2010 @ 9:14PM by Maholah
Hey, Miss Nova! I'm so sorry I'm so late for your birthday. Hope it was grand! :-D
May 27 2010 @ 3:12PM by awesomechick
Sorry i missed ur b-day... Happy Belated Birthday, Nova! :D
May 23 2011 @ 3:19PM by Skooter Lee
Happy Birthday Nova!
October 31 2011 @ 8:03PM by Nortara
Nova!! :D:D:D
October 31 2011 @ 8:04PM by Nortara
How have you been? Did you drop by for the festivities? ^_^
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