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Me and my girl.^_^ (I'm on the right.)



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General animals, anthropology, archaeology, art, books, conspiracy, crafts, dinosaurs, gaming, larp, magick, medicine, movies, music, myths and legends [view all]
Music Artists acdc, aerosmith, bellamy brothers, bon jovi, brad paisley, bryan adams, daft punk, disturbed, drowning pool, elvis, enya, evanescence, h.i.m, hedley, in flames [view all]
Movies animorphs, balto, bones, buffy the vampire slayer, digimon, dinotopia, disney movies, dragonheart, dungeons and dragons, edward scissorhands, eragon, ferris buellers day off, free willy, gladiator, harry potter [view all]
Books 666, alpha force series, animal ark, animorphs, anne rices the vampire chronicles, barry trotter, blood and chocolate, charlie bone series, cherub series, creatures books, devil on the road, eragon, harry potter, his dark materials, lord of the rings [view all]
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July 31 2009 @ 4:45PM by Nortara
You're Platinum all over, dear heart!!! :D
August 21 2009 @ 9:46PM by Jen677
August 21 2009 @ 9:49PM by Jen677
i'm greeat. how about u?
August 21 2009 @ 9:53PM by Jen677
oh. that's ok
August 21 2009 @ 10:03PM by kassidyx
how are you
September 12 2009 @ 11:46PM by Nortara
Adorable profile, dear heart! I've missed you!!
September 25 2009 @ 1:46PM by Nortara
*has now gone into full on Tabz withdrawal* Help! Medic!
November 13 2009 @ 2:27AM by Nortara
Hope you're having good luck on your finals and things, dear heart ^_^
December 31 2009 @ 3:15AM by Nortara
Here's to the best Christmas ever! *clink* I miss you, dear heart. Hope your having fun ^_^
April 11 2010 @ 9:27PM by buddylove
Oh my gosh, you were here 3 days ago :o
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