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Hai! Welcome to my page! So you don't get bored with the pictures (there's quite a few) and stop scrolling to see the awesomesauce stuff at the bottom, here's my wishlist.
Magess Blouse (I now have it, EPIC thanks to Skooter Lee! <Put a smile on!
Magess Tights (Skooter Lee you own Gir and Toast Persons!!! <33333Put a smile on!
Black Simple Strapless Split Dress
Pirate Gumball (Thankee Mollie and Fire_Ice for the Pirate Gumball awesomeness! You guys make me a happy muffin! :Put a smile on!
Face-Eater Gumball (It's true. Skooter, I will have to make something for you. YOU ARE EPICALLY AWESOMESAUCE!)
Red Tank Top (I heart j00 pink!!!)
Green Sparkler
Red Sparkler (Go Fire_Ice!)
Blue Sparkler (And again, Fire_Ice saves the daaaaay!)
Purple Sparkler
Black Boots(Obtained by a lucky streak ^^)


Click Me!

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Click Me!

I just want EVERYONE out there to know, I'm all for Team Edward! *nodnod*
Team Edward Elric Pictures, Images and Photos
See? Edward Elric! Put a smile on!

I like these guys...

Undertaker from Kuro****suji
Undertaker icon Pictures, Images and Photos

Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts
xerxes break icon Pictures, Images and Photos

Zagi from Tales of Vesperia
Zagi icon Pictures, Images and Photos

I have odd taste in fictional men... -_-U

Now on to me. JUST me. I enjoy House M.D, ToV, KHII, ToA, FF7, Spongebob, Panic! At The Disco, JoCo, manga, reading, writing, drawing, jokes, goth Hello Kitty, Saix Puppy, yaoi, the Warroirs series, the Inkheart trilogy, the Vampire Kisses manga, Honey and Clover, classic books, Edgar Allan Poe, food, 5 Gum, ghost stories, sparkles, Joker and Harley Quinn, mechanical pencils, cats, the smell of roses or lavender, the 1800's, 80's music, Renissance fairs, fried Oreos, Invader Zim, Johnny Depp, foreign songs, Hiyao Miyizaki films, cosplaying, and stuff. Kind of a lot of stuff, don't you think?
......waaaaaait foooooooor iiiiiit.....
HERO!? *laughs maniacally* Don't worry. Only straitjacketspwn should get this. Unless you've seen The Secret of NIMH II.

Evil Martin by ~PowderPuffBunny on deviantART That's as close to Evil Martin as a picture's gonna get for now...
click to add titleThe Secret of Nimh 2 Pictures, Images and Photos And there's straitjacketspwn, on the cover there. Long story way too complicated to go into right now, but it happened...

I made something for Skooter Lee, a very awesomesauce person here ^^present,skooter,friend,USA

Got a DeviantArt account? I'm barkingmad13 there! Go check out my profile! AdventureQuest? I'm Taiven. Club Penguin? I'm PirateLover7 or PeterPan132. RuneScape? Kittygal18, Mr Hungry13, or LoneKitten1. Twilight Saga? Barkingmad13. Quizilla? ILuvHatterMadigan13, xXMystiCatXx, or AbbyNormalRocks. Playlist? Barkingmad13. Ninja Gamer? Barkingmad13. Original Character's Clubhouse? The Lee-Puppy. Don't worry if you have no idea what most of these websites are... I don't blame you XD Now that I've exposed my inner computer geek, I must say that I don't mind if you message me, just don't send me a friend request unless we've talked. ^^

This user is currently AWAY:

<a><img></a> I'm buying hats. DUR.

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July 05 2009 @ 3:30PM by straitjacketspwn
lol nice balto...
July 05 2009 @ 3:35PM by barkingmad13
Nyun~ Get off mah lawn! *throws a ball at you*
July 05 2009 @ 3:39PM by Balto
sǝıƃƃop zʌnן I ıɐH, HA now i did it on urz
July 05 2009 @ 3:43PM by barkingmad13
LOL, awesome!
August 15 2009 @ 8:40PM by straitjacketspwn
:) i love blondy dude from OHSHC *keeps forgetting all the names* "i never knew the scholar would be so openly gay" XDDDD my fave line from the first episode!! XDDDDDDD
August 19 2009 @ 5:39PM by whitecat162
howl is MINE! no touch! *hisses*
August 19 2009 @ 6:43PM by Nortara
It's Rurouni Kenshin, one of my favorites. It's hard to top the humor of a shoe to the face ^_^
April 04 2011 @ 9:26PM by Skooter Lee
Hey! How are you doing?
April 04 2011 @ 9:32PM by barkingmad13
Pretty darn awesome, you?
April 04 2011 @ 9:33PM by Skooter Lee
doing good here also. Glad to see you back!
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