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My name is michelle.
I am 12 years old, turning 13 in august.
I think you might be terribly confused right now.
You used to know me as alex, but when i first joined cw, i was 10 years old. Please understand that i was a kid and i didn't really know what to do. I dont have a little sister. I deleted that account. I understand if you have to give me a warning >_<


Das me.

So yes, im filipino and japanese.
I play guitar, and im in a band called the ninjatyrtles. We have a youtube channel, too, check it out!

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Making videos.

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June 15 2010 @ 2:47PM by awesomechick
Lol! u tried to get Buddy to sing too didnt u? xD ^^^^^ That comment up there xD we used Webcam
June 17 2010 @ 12:26PM by awesomechick
LOL xD i wish ;3
June 20 2010 @ 2:25PM by buddylove
Maybe if you came on more, I would let you hear me sing :o *is stalking people*
September 04 2010 @ 9:02AM by whitecat162
Hey! Great to see ya back!^^
September 06 2010 @ 1:07AM by Dianne1999
Thanks for shopping at the Help Fund CWS shop.
September 06 2010 @ 5:37PM by whitecat162
and I LOVE the quote on your profile :P
September 10 2010 @ 10:01PM by splash101
Thank You for shopping at One of a KInd! (sry so late:( )
September 11 2010 @ 9:14PM by verdantt
And 'allo to you, ALEX. :]
September 16 2010 @ 4:57PM by awesomechick
lmao its really cute xD so wats up? :D
September 19 2010 @ 12:35AM by cmy376
Thank you for shopping at Treasures!
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