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My most Favorite CW item is...Silly Sharkie Squishie 83 and counting..


Skinny Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

• 1 box angel food cake mix- the 1 step kind
• 1 15oz can Pumpkin
• 3/4 Cup water...
• 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
• 1 8oz pkg. reduced fat cream cheese
• -few tablespoons of water, to be mixed with cream cheese

Soften the cream cheese then add it to mixer & beat it with a couple of tablespoons of water until smooth to thin it out.

In a separate bowl, mix the cake mix, pumpkin, water, & cinnamon together until it is smooth & well mixed.

In a 9x13 cooking dish- sprayed with non-stick cooking spray- add HALF of the cake –pumpkin mix. Then smooth it out with a rubber spatula. Drizzle half of the cream cheese over the top of it and take a small spatula to smooth it over the top. Add remaining cake-pumpkin mix & also the remaining cream cheese just making layers. Finally take a butter knife- stick it into the mix and go back & forth over the top of the cake to blend it a bit.

Bake for 35 minutes at 375 degrees OR until a toothpick comes out clean


Dr. Lovebite Mystery Dark Night Bat Sucker<thanks>

stink bug Holly Berry Hair(Thank you sweetprincess)

Pink Love Sucker

Doofish(Thank you Maholah)

Prize for 'Halloween in August Costume Contest'. Drawn by anubis_werewolf

Jack is 10 plus years old and Mootsie is a stray he only lets me touch him. - Hello Glitter Graphics

This Is Jack

This is our pool!

This is mootsie the stray

I made This for my daughters table

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Anything. I am the one who sends things. I can do it for him. I am so sorry your family is going through this.
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I am so sorry your family has to go through this. I will be here if you need anything.
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Our prayers were answered! I hope being at home is good medicine for him
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Hi you, I think the private messages are still not working so wanted to tell you I'm glad that all is better with your family.
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Thank you so much. Your words mean everything to me.
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go get free gift . happy mother day
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