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Name Alex
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Latest User Comments
January 02 2011 @ 12:34AM by 7Meggie
Did you get a notification? :P
January 02 2011 @ 10:34AM by tigerstar186
*checks the sidebar* I think I'm a few hours too late, but it's great to see another North Dakotan. XD
January 04 2011 @ 12:22AM by Nortara
I'm probably tardy, but I still want to say it. Congratulations, dear! Welcome to the staff ^_^
January 08 2011 @ 1:00AM by Nortara
This place has a lot of potential, and we have high hopes for it. But as you can see, the best part about this place is the people (or maybe the worst, it's hard to tell when I'm this sleep deprived...) ^_^
April 25 2011 @ 1:41AM by KiyoBear
You're my loserface. less than three semi-colon three eye el you. asdjfhalkdjfhakdljfh
May 10 2011 @ 8:16PM by KiyoBear
Note to Alex: No you don't. Restocking is nearly pointless anyways since nobody seems to do quests anymore. Stocks and CWudoku is where it's at. Duh noob. F3 <3
May 10 2011 @ 9:46PM by buddylove
Sounds like Kiyo told you. :P
May 11 2011 @ 2:27PM by KiyoBear
DON'T YOU GIRLL PLEEZ ME. Don't make me pimp slap you.
October 01 2011 @ 10:41AM by KiyoBear
4 days since you've last been on CW? Your nerd standing is diminishing...
October 17 2011 @ 3:31PM by KiyoBear
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