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Squishie's I still need:
Azure Cow Squishie
Azure Kairoperia Squishie
Black Horse Squishie
Blue Fishie Squishie
Blueberry Squishie
Crimson Cow Squishie
Cute Purple Fox Squishie
Dr. Lovebite Slug Squishie
Gold Coin Squishie
Green Easter Egg Squishie
IM Gone Tombstone Squishie
Kiwi Squishie
Lestro Squishie
Lung Squishie
Plain Vampire Bat Squishie
Rose Cow Squishie
Summer Blue Sky Zenzor Squishie
Super Cute Robot Squishie
Tangerine Penguin Squishie
Teal Gnobun Squishie
Thistle Cow Squishie
Verde Penguin Squishie
Yellow Easter Egg Squishie
Yellow Vampire Bat Squishie

If you have any please send me a mail and how much thanks!

Also looking for Dewberry Potion trying to win in battle Arena Keep dying! If you know of any weapons that do good damage please mail me with details! Thanks

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Latest User Comments
February 15 2011 @ 10:33AM by Skooter Lee
Thank you for the gift. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!
February 14 2015 @ 7:59PM by harry-potter
Hey! Welcome back, glad to see you here.
February 14 2015 @ 8:01PM by stardust0902
Thanks Im happy to be back been awhile.Been having medical problems needed a break But I'm back NOW! lol
July 09 2015 @ 10:05AM by Skooter Lee
Thank you Stardust!!
July 10 2015 @ 10:45AM by stardust0902
Your welcome Skooter!
November 02 2015 @ 7:09PM by Skooter Lee
Thank you!!!!
November 02 2015 @ 8:12PM by stardust0902
your welcome Skooter!
November 28 2015 @ 9:46AM by Skooter Lee
Thank you Stardust!!!
November 28 2015 @ 11:36PM by stardust0902
your welcome anytime
December 05 2015 @ 2:51AM by Friesianlover
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