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Latest User Comments
June 21 2015 @ 3:41PM by Friesianlover
ironically we have to name each foal according to certain letters of the alphabet this is a wxyz year lol
June 21 2015 @ 3:48PM by Friesianlover
When we bred our first colt it was also a wxyz year so we named him Zorro and when he became an approved breeding stallion he was renamed "Wander 352" by the registry. It was the only Dutch wxyz name I could pronounce! now we are looking at Willow, XCaliber Whisper give me some ideas, it doesn't have to be dutch
June 26 2015 @ 9:45PM by Friesianlover
good names
June 26 2015 @ 9:45PM by Friesianlover
good names
July 03 2015 @ 7:47PM by TGiQtpie
Happy 4th of July Weekend. Have Fun and be Safe. (Hugs)! =)
July 22 2015 @ 12:22PM by Friesianlover
its in trades
December 22 2015 @ 3:06PM by tawnie88
Thank you for stopping by iShopGalore!!
December 24 2015 @ 12:45AM by Friesianlover
thanks so much for the pretzel
December 23 2016 @ 9:11PM by Skooter Lee
Thank you Deb!! Merry Christmas to you, too!
December 23 2016 @ 10:27PM by Friesianlover
Thanks my darling and Merry Christmas to you!
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