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I collect Teddy Bears Put a smile on! If any of you remember from the previous CW, I was the "Teddy Bear Master" Put a smile on! If you have an extra teddy bear on your hands, please donate it Put a smile on! OR if you would like to trade, so you can get cPoints, let me know! I'd be happy to!

ANY teddy bears you can provide me with
Frankenstein Teddy Bear
Face Eater Teddy
Horoscope Teddies

I used to have 700 teddies! Help me get them back Put a smile on!

50 Teddies
100 Teddies
200 Teddies
300 Teddies
400 Teddies
500 Teddies
600 Teddies
700 Teddies
800 Teddies
900 Teddies
1000 Teddies

This user is currently AWAY:

Sorry, I'm not here right now. If you could, either mail me, or put a comment on my comment bar to tell me what you needed. Thanks! <3 Mollie

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Name Casey Put a smile on!
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Latest User Comments
December 24 2010 @ 4:33AM by Yumei
We need to catch up sometime!
December 25 2010 @ 1:43AM by Yumei
Yup. You?
December 26 2010 @ 2:24AM by Yumei
December 29 2010 @ 12:46AM by linda85
hi thanks for the gift
January 23 2011 @ 11:28PM by Blaker
Mollie!!!! :D Hey! I miss you! And, thankssss(:
January 25 2011 @ 6:33PM by Blaker
Nothing really. Just living my 16 year old teenage life. :P What about you?
March 06 2011 @ 1:07AM by Iris
bet you are thrilled to see the teddy bear retreat back and full of new teddys.
July 08 2011 @ 9:19PM by Skooter Lee
Thank you Mollie for the gifts and kind words!
August 13 2011 @ 1:35AM by Skooter Lee
You're welcome Mollie. The club has shut down. We are only clearing it out now. You are welcome over to Bubbles World, if you would like.
January 29 2012 @ 10:00AM by Skooter Lee
Good to see you!
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