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June 13 2010 @ 1:12AM by Titan
Grimmjow? as in bleach Grimmjow; bluberry??
April 01 2011 @ 6:15PM by Bubbles
at least all I do is eat faces.I would never leave you totally headless.
April 01 2011 @ 6:20PM by Bubbles
Dump that bloody bloke and we'll live happily ever after.
April 01 2011 @ 6:23PM by Bubbles
Joe is being mean to me too. Wanna start a revolution?
April 01 2011 @ 6:26PM by Bubbles
Sure, Celty will follow us and he has his trusty and rusty axe.
April 01 2011 @ 6:29PM by Bubbles
That could be a problem. I don't do mornings.
April 01 2011 @ 6:33PM by Bubbles
But we'll still have the book. And since it's going to be a best seller, I'm sure we can take a little liberty with the time schedule for the movie.
April 01 2011 @ 6:49PM by Bubbles
I'm a terrible writer but we'll have minions for that. We'll capture all of Joe's minions and tickle them till they work for us. We can have them read to us too.
April 06 2011 @ 2:52PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
Oh my god can i friend you i love Grimmjow he is my fav Arrancar, in Bleach.
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