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Hey people wats up?!I hope you have a great day(or night). Heres a little about me: I am 16 years old.I like to read,write, and sing.I love pizza and mexican food.(i like all types of food) My Birthday is February 12th so if you want to get me something that day feel free to do so lol jkPut a smile on!.I am really easy going.My favorite colors are blue and black.I love to make friends and talk a lot.Be goodPut a smile on!...I dont really want anything but if YOU do just ask and I will try to get it to you.Send me a mail I always like making new friends!!! have fun looking around!!!Put a smile on!

I AM A HUUUUGE FAN!! I really like Katniss and Peeta (Team Peeta). Love the books and have 'em all!!! Looking forward to mooooree movies. Put a smile on!

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I am not that much of a Jonas Brothers fan but I cant deny that he is cute,lol. - Glitter Graphics

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I love how David sings, besides he´s cute too.Dont really listen to is music but whateva!

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Hey im busy sorry couldnt get to you but send me a message!!!Put a smile on!

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June 07 2010 @ 5:05PM by Shadow_Wolf
Yay!!! Cookies!!!!! XD *munches on some very delicious cookies* thank you!!! :)
June 30 2010 @ 4:43PM by Shadow_Wolf
sure thing! xD
June 30 2010 @ 5:19PM by Shadow_Wolf
Sure thing Miss! :)
July 08 2010 @ 11:28AM by Sasho
just playing around :)
July 08 2010 @ 2:19PM by Sasho
super and you?
July 14 2010 @ 1:42PM by catlover11
January 29 2011 @ 7:29PM by angelgirl
Lol! Nick jonas is Cute!!! :)
February 12 2011 @ 10:09AM by natedriver95
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a great day today!
February 15 2011 @ 12:57AM by natedriver95
Good, were you really surprised? I just got my permit a few days ago, so i love driving everywhere!!!
February 15 2011 @ 10:31PM by natedriver95
ROAD TRIP!!! lol
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