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GrandmothersSkooter Lee
Father buddylove
Nortara's Daughtertabz123
Evil, Catwhitecat162
Guard RhinoPinkxRhino

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Hello, all. I am Nortara. I have a younger sister, a cat, and a vat of silliness I like to splash around in when the spirit moves me. I am truly a jack of all trades and master of none. I love science (especially physics), math, history (especially the American Revolution,) politics, reading, writing, drawing, singing, and a partridge in a pear tree. Anything right brain makes me abundantly happy. I'm a college grad, but I certainly don't feel that grown up. It doesn't help that I haven't been able to find a jobby kind of job. I enjoy myself, and all that I do, though. So don't be afraid to say hi. There seems to be some pieces missing in my memory, though, so if I know you but don't remember you, I apologize. Just remind me and I'm sure I'll be thrilled to see you.

I have always found talking about myself one of the weirdest feats to try and pull off. On the one hand, I do not want to brag about how wonderful, kind, charming, funny, quirky, and caring I am. On the other, no one likes false modesty.

Wow! Can you believe I typed that with a straight face?

[random thought]If I had a monkey, I would name him Jim. I would take him through drive-thrus with me, and if they got our orders wrong, Jim could throw the food back at them. And no one would care, because he is just a cute little monkey. [/random thought]


Cinnamon Spiced Wig
Olympic Gold Medal
sweet nurse purple costume
Pink Snuggly Fluffily Bunny Slippers

Holly Berry Hair
Holly Shirt Sticker

Tiaras (I think, I don't know how many of these we have now ^_^)
Golden Water Tiara with Sapphires
Silver Earth Tiara with Emeralds

blue hunter quiver
cream hunter boots box
white hunter tunic

Black Heart Razor Blade
Bloody Heart Razor Blade
Brown Heart Razor Blade
Pink Heart Razor Blade
Red Heart Razor Blade
Valentine Ink
Valentines Bubbles

I'm collecting clothes to have a complete wardrobe
Especially any and all deep ocean tears ^_^
And I have now taught my lovies all the healing spells, so now I'm on to teach them attacks!
Jasmine potion
Power brew
Sea salt potion
Shae coins
black cat squishies ^_^
holiday food
farmer stuff
booooooooooks Put a smile on!
But really, the thing I wish for most is just for you to drop me a line and say 'hi' ^_^

dragon foster's home for imaginary friends freakazoid emmitt nervend

I would like to take a time out from my insanity for this important announcement: msonks, anubis_werewolf, bloodyfang, and JennJenn are four of the greatest things in my life. You know why, don't give me that look. I now return you to our regularly scheduled weirdness. SNIGLETS!

List of my titles:

  • Babbiddy the Donkeycorn

  • pro-life Catholic liberal

  • Ravenclaw

  • fantasy anthropologist

  • nunja

  • proud member of the four eyes union

  • stealth midget

  • rubber hombre

  • Taz

  • Shout Box Troublemaker

  • Mumbler

  • hyper cyber hug bunny

  • Madame Webster

  • emergency nun

  • professional collector of images that amuse me

  • Who is to say what is only a story and what is truth disguised as a story? -- Belgareth, "Pawn of Prophecy"

    To cure Echophobia:

    Step 1:
    Feed your pet a Dilute Poison

    Step 2:
    Heal at the Doctor in Downtown Skylight City

    Step 3:
    Apologize for the ordeal you just put your pet through ^_^

    Echophobia doesn't have a cure as far as I can tell, but our pets can only be sick with one thing at a time. So getting them sick with something curable is an alternative ^_^

    kiki-1lineup Photobucket SawyerNouvPaint

    List of my Thank yous (and again, if I forget, feel free to kill me):

      anubis_werewolf, tabz123, Skooter Lee, buddylove, Sashia, , Bubbles, Iris, TheTammiEffect, KrypticLogik, Cyn, Erath, Chedori, Pink, Michele, Anuacyl, CheerfulMommy, sweetprincess, Equifeline, Blaker, 7meggie, paisleydaisy, Lish, harry-potter, Jade, linda85, Cinamon, Haileybugg, Shaylee, Kyle, Mollie, Shadow the Hedgehog, Friesianlover, stardust0902, redevilmystress, breeder1512, Taco, Cindy22, runamuk, Dcrunner13, strikerb4tiger, Azure, marta_wolf

    • Blue Deep Ocean Tear - Bubbles

    • Pink Deep Ocean Tear - Tiger and Megg

    • Green Deep Ocean Tear - White

    • Red Deep Ocean Tear - Binary in a trade

    • Gold Deep Ocean Tear - Runamuk in a trade

    • Plum Deep Ocean Tear - Friesianlover in a trade

    • ghostly goo from my super duper Secret Santa Put a smile on!

    • dingbat and spooky cloak- anubis_werewolf

    • IrisHouse16 has given you a Chocolate Candy Bubbles!
      They said... Twas the night before Marchmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse A person named House wanted to share some good cheer... and make sadness and worries all disappear. It is with hope that your spirits are lifted since you\'ve just been gifted Put a smile on! Enjoy your day Put a smile on!

      And a special THANK YOU to Friesianlover, Bubbles, Buddylove, Skooter Lee, Iris, Anubis_werewolf, Harry-potter, Anuacyl, Sweetprincess, Sasho, and Gracie for pushing me and aiding me in the reaching of the Impossible. You all won it, I just bore witness to your generosity Put a smile on!

      In a world where so much is disposable, it is truly a thing of wonder when the little things are appreciated. -- Animaniacs, Gift of Gold

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Latest User Comments
May 12 2013 @ 7:26PM by Skooter Lee
Pretty kitty!
May 12 2013 @ 7:31PM by Skooter Lee
Going to the bathroom is a family affair here. I have 16 little paws following me. But all I have to do is pick up a towel and they all run. (thinking they are going to get a bath)
May 12 2013 @ 7:35PM by Skooter Lee
That is one thing I don't want to do (give a cat a bath) That is why there are groomers, let them deal with those claws!
May 12 2013 @ 7:42PM by Skooter Lee
Yeah, I have noticed that animals have selective learning capabilities. Selective hearing also.
May 12 2013 @ 7:47PM by Skooter Lee
They sure are, they had me trained in a couple of hours and I am still working with Trixie!
May 12 2013 @ 7:53PM by Skooter Lee
Tell me about it!! They know treat time and bedtime too. They are the boss!
May 12 2013 @ 7:59PM by Skooter Lee
That is one thing my animals know they will not win at, so they don't try anymore. They will come to me for lovings, which they get. But they don't sit in my computer chair with me. I started that with my Chihuahua when she was a baby, had to do it for the next 16 years. I learned...
May 12 2013 @ 8:07PM by Skooter Lee
No. She made it extremely hard to type, she was constantly on the keyboard, jumping from my lap to the desk. I was afraid that she may fall off. I whelped her and I was there at her death, we never parted for 16 years.
May 15 2013 @ 3:43PM by anubis_werewolf
hey Norty, give me a call
May 19 2013 @ 2:12PM by anubis_werewolf
I found this and thought you might like it
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