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my pet!

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Username FluffyFoo
Joined Dec 17, 2008
Member For 11 years, 10 months, 1 week
Name Foo Foo(It's what my friends call me Put a smile on!)
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Latest User Comments
September 05 2009 @ 8:39PM by Jen677
September 05 2009 @ 8:45PM by Jen677
hey FluffyFoo (or Foo Foo). how are ya?
September 05 2009 @ 8:48PM by Jen677
good. don't know what to do now
September 05 2009 @ 8:53PM by Jen677
really. i always lose. what's the chat thing in the forum
September 05 2009 @ 9:01PM by Jen677
cool! have u done it
September 05 2009 @ 9:09PM by Jen677
October 19 2009 @ 7:51PM by cindy22
hey i like the cat ears u r wearing its the same as mine :) there cute!!
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