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Hey, I'm Joyce. Well according to my username, I'm missy_cookie, but neither of them is my real name. XD The names actually belong to my guinea pigs, Missy and Cookie. Put a smile on!

A little bit about me... Well I'm 21, Asian by birth and Aussie and thats all you need to know Put a smile on! Ok FINE, you're welcome to ask more if you wanna know more bout my boring life Put a smile on!

Wow.. it's been 5 years since I updated this and probably around that long since I last logged on. I'm 26 now and my love of my life is my dog, I know kinda sad..

"[1:47:35 PM] Buddylove: You just made my english slower"

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December 31 2010 @ 1:08AM by IrisHouse16
One of my old phone #s no longer in use :D
December 31 2010 @ 1:13AM by IrisHouse16
It probably is... lol... I guess I better stop soon its almost 1:30am here...
December 31 2010 @ 1:16AM by IrisHouse16
XD I know but think of all the free stuff im getting :D
December 31 2010 @ 1:19AM by IrisHouse16
Yeah but I don't believe theyll get me XD I just now requested a free box of chocolates :D
December 31 2010 @ 1:31AM by IrisHouse16
I better go lol Ill chat with you tomorrows :D
January 02 2011 @ 9:56PM by Friesianlover
Hi Missi how much do you think you want for your strawberry energy drink in trades or is there an item you are wanting
January 16 2011 @ 6:43PM by IrisHouse16
Missy :D hey :D
January 16 2011 @ 9:27PM by IrisHouse16
I miss you XD
February 24 2011 @ 2:44AM by buddylove
Haha, I was to lazy to erase the other one! I took all my profiles I've had saved and put them on one. xD
October 09 2011 @ 8:16PM by buddylove
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