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This is Sushi. She is the best dog ever.

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August 28 2012 @ 1:21AM by Cyn
Premier, and its $475. Its a 2br so I may be able to get a roommate later, if I can find one that I won't kill. Or I can have a library. Which ever.
August 28 2012 @ 1:25AM by Cyn
975sq ft. Its a nice place. Have to call to look at the place tomorrow. I really hope I get it and get in.
August 28 2012 @ 1:34AM by Cyn[id]/17316//is_full_version/1
April 05 2013 @ 1:56AM by buddylove
Go find Cyn
April 05 2013 @ 2:02AM by buddylove
Yes, it's in your job description.
April 05 2013 @ 2:04AM by buddylove
It's right in the Artist's Todo List.
April 05 2013 @ 2:08AM by buddylove
It happened just now. You two were supposed to be watching each other. I can't be running around finding everyone all the time!
April 05 2013 @ 2:15AM by buddylove
No excuses! You have to babysit her! She's not been a very good girl lately and neither have you. You two both disappeared off the face of CW. Now you are trying to sneak back in! I've got my eyes on you. :P
April 05 2013 @ 2:17AM by buddylove
You best be sorry. There's still no excuses. You come in every few days to say hi, then you can disappear for a few more days! :(
April 05 2013 @ 2:22AM by buddylove
Tsk tsk tsk
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