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Latest User Comments
May 12 2012 @ 3:00PM by Sasho
Thank you for buying from my shop Lobo Market! :)
May 12 2012 @ 3:00PM by winterlion
No prob. You seem to have every item I'm looking for lol :D
May 12 2012 @ 5:13PM by genie3c
Thank you it is one I was missing yet.
May 12 2012 @ 5:14PM by winterlion
your welcome ^^ Thanks for the good offer! :)
May 26 2012 @ 1:01PM by harry-potter
Can I trade for your bubble soap and you White lion tuft?
May 26 2012 @ 2:31PM by harry-potter
The item I have offered is very rare and valuable!
July 21 2012 @ 3:40PM by Erath
Thank you.
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