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-B is for Buffalo
-C is for Caribou
-E is for Electric Eal
-F is for Flamingo (x2)
-G is for Gazelle (x2)
-All Things Yellow
-Book of Empty
-Cake Baking 101
-Heart Felt
-L is for Llama
-Manual on Comets
-Old Book of Sheet Music
-Royal Purple
-School Notes
-Seeing Red
-Sweet Treat or Deadly Poison
-The Quest for Orange (x2)
-The Snowman

-Blood Red Rose

Username scribbles
Joined Dec 13, 2008
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Latest User Comments
June 30 2012 @ 9:59PM by KrypticLogik
Much thanks for the wishes of my aging day.
July 30 2012 @ 7:00PM by Sasho
Thank you very much for the item :) How are you doing?
July 31 2012 @ 5:02AM by Sasho
I am well, thank you :) I miss you too!
August 10 2012 @ 1:08PM by Anuacyl
Love your background, what item is it?
October 07 2012 @ 9:11AM by Sasho
Hi there :) How is it going? Haven't seen you online much recently. Hope all is well :)
October 07 2012 @ 9:35AM by Sasho
I'm fine, thanks. Glad to hear from you and I hope you have more time to spend with us here, soon :)
April 14 2013 @ 11:23PM by Iris
May 31 2013 @ 1:58PM by Bubbles
If you need help with anything, just give a buddylove.
July 23 2013 @ 9:03PM by Sterling
I love your UN~! C:
June 16 2015 @ 1:42AM by Bubbles
Thank you for the birthday wishes and gifts.
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