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The Doctor

Missing Rotten Easter Eggs:

Rotten Green Hopping Easter Egg

Rotten Pink Nest Easter Egg

Rotten Purple Tulips Easter Egg

Rotten Yellow Hunt Easter Egg

Made Mini-mod: 12-2008
Achieved Millionaire: 1-28-2010
Achieved Multimillionaire: 8-10-2010
Gold Squishy collector: 4-18-2011
Silver Gumball Collector: 4-18-2011
Bronze Mushroom Collector: 4-18-2011
Gallery Reached 2525 Items: 4-18-2011 (Special Thanks anubis_werewolf)
Granted Imaz: 4-19-2011 (Thanks Skooter_Lee and Bubbles!)

Wish List: These things missing from my gallery

Ancient Scroll
Death Scroll
First Year Book
History Book
Lust Scroll
Reading Book
Tales From The Pumpkin Vine
The Battle Encyclopedia
The Christmas Star
The First Thanksgiving

Angelic Mushroom
Chilly Mushroom
Evil Mushroom
Purple Candle Mushroom

Bottle of Blueberry Soda
Bottle of Lemon Lime Soda
Evil Soda
Glass of Fruit Punch
Strawberry Energy Shot

-Flower Seeds-
Black Mane Flower Seeds
Blue Mane Flower Seed
Glamorous Amethyst Seed Container
Glamorous Emerald Seed Container
Glamorous Onyx Seed Container
Glamorous Ruby Seed Container
Glamorous Sapphire Seed Container
Golden Mane Flower Seeds
Green Mane Flower Seeds
Man Eater Fred Seeds
Pink Mane Flower Seeds
Red Mane Flower Seeds
White Mane Flower Seeds

Blue Silk Genie Top
Cake Costume
Irc Tank
Irc Top
Pink Deep Ocean Tear
Pink Funky Striped Hat
Pink Hunter Tunic
Red Beanie Cap
Red Sundress
Wearable Black Party Hat
Wearable Pink Party Hat
Wearable Purple Party Hat
Wearable Red Party Hat
Wearable Yellow Party Hat
Box of Poisoned Chocolates
Bubble Cake
Bunny Easter Cake
Cheese Sandwich
CWs 3rd Green Birthday Cake
Deviled Egg
Dr. Lovebite Blueberry Explosion Candy Knife
Dr. Lovebite Blueberry Explosion Stake
Dr. Lovebite Dark Night Stake
Dr. Lovebite Fangirl Candy Knife
Dr. Lovebite Grape Burst Candy Knife
Dr. Lovebite Grape Burst Candy Syringe
First Year Dark Slice Of Cake
Frozen Pie
Green Maple Leaf Cookie
Ham Sandwich
Lime Gell-o Brain
Old Tomato
Orange Maple Leaf Cookie
Red Maple Leaf Cookie
Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny
Sweet Potatoc

-Broken Items-
Apple Core
Pile of Dirt

Blue Chick Egg Squishie
Blue Monkey Squishie
Blue Pencil Squishie
Brown Monkey Squishie
Candy Corn Squishie
Capricorn Teddy Bear Squishie
Crimson Furetto Squishie
Cute Dark Candy Cane Squishie
Elf Dino Squishie
Gray Badger Squishie
Green Badger Squishie
Green Pencil Squishie
Green Shamrock Squishie
Orange Badger Squishie
Pink Badger Squishie
Purple Badger Squishie
Red Badger Squishie
Red Bunny Rabbit Squishie
Santa Penguin Squishie
Spring Penguin Squishie
Sunlight Furetto Squishie
Teal Gnobun Squishie
Three Leaf Clover Squishie
Yellow Badger Squishie

Key Lime Power Bar

There are lots of other missing items, but I'll have to get around to them later... Put a smile on!

Thanks to Anuacyl, Bubbles, Crazykathy, Daniel_Boone, Friesianlover, Genie3c, Gracie, Iris, Kyle,Nancysmith, Paisleydaisy and Skooter for helping me fill my Gallery!
Friesianlover-30 Coins

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February 19 2013 @ 10:37PM by drdenman
Um, I just look up html tags on the internet. Do you know how to work with those? If you do then I'll just give you a site or two that I like to use. If you don't, then I could write up the code for you and show you how it works.
February 19 2013 @ 11:07PM by crazykathy
thank you sweetie for your help :D
February 22 2013 @ 12:58AM by pink
Thank you!
February 22 2013 @ 1:01AM by pink
I appreciate it! Ty again.
May 05 2013 @ 10:33PM by awesomechick
omg thanks so much for the eggs! 8D
May 21 2013 @ 1:31PM by genie3c
No problem I told you I would help you out what I could.
May 31 2013 @ 1:59PM by Bubbles
If you need help with anything, just give a buddylove.
May 31 2013 @ 2:01PM by buddylove
Bubbles would love to help you out, if you need anything. Just ask her.
July 19 2013 @ 4:56PM by CelticTiger
What browser do you use ?
August 09 2013 @ 2:23PM by Bubbles
It's Friday. Don't forget to send me a gift.
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