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Hi! I'm XxSkater_PrincessxX, a.k.a. Devin. I'm a long time CW member, and I was fox on the old CW. I am against animal slaughter and I'm also a vegetarian. I loooove art and I desire to be an artist when I'm older. I also want to move to Japan and I belive that my iconic cartoon character will put Paul Frank out of his shame. I love animes and mangas, and way too many to count. If you ask I'll name them all if you'd like. I don't like liars, braggers, and posers, don't even go there. So that's Me! Enjoy My colorful pictures!


Black Fox Tail
Black Fox Paw Boots - Thanks TigerStar!! ^.^
Green Kitty Eyedrops - Thanks Secret Santa!! ^.^
Zombie Bite
Music Box

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General *nom nom*, 30 sceonds to mars, a really long interest that has no point ,but should be everyones favorite!, animals, anime, annoying voldermort, avatars, axel, being retarded, black white, black and white photos, bob marley, california, cartoons (spongebob, chowder, stuff like that), chronicles of narnia [view all]
Music Artists gwen stefani, no doubt, paramore, the beatles, the jackson 5, the killers, the ramones, the stray cats, the strokes, van halen
Movies a series of unfortunate events, sprited away, the sponge bob movie
Books a series of unfortunate events, inkheart series, the bible, the chronicles of narnia, warriors
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January 08 2011 @ 1:30PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
hey i was wondering if my character and Ryuu could be together? in monster hunters inc.
January 08 2011 @ 2:04PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
What does that mean?
January 08 2011 @ 2:06PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
ok i will have to work hard then.
January 08 2011 @ 2:18PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
I replied.
January 08 2011 @ 3:06PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
January 08 2011 @ 3:09PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
just thought i should tell you i replied.
January 08 2011 @ 4:11PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
? did you see?
January 08 2011 @ 4:12PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
sorry if i'm bugging you.
January 09 2011 @ 1:36PM by whitecat162
Yay you're on!!^^
January 10 2011 @ 8:48PM by KakaSaku_Lover1
Did you get my cmail?
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