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Thanks for visiting my page


Anything I don't have, but here is a list of things.

BOOKS!!! Trying to make my pets smarter!
CLOTHES/ANYTHING WEARABLE I love to dress up my avatar but I don't have a lot of veriety...
NIBLETS!! There so cute! Put a smile on!
Black or Red Feathered Wings
Bubbles Lunchbox
Buddy's Lunchbox
Skooter's Lunchbox
Egyptian bottom, top, shoes, choker, eye tattoo, or headband

Thank you to anyone that has helped with my wishlist.

Reached a million cPoints on January 18th, 2011

Does anyone roleplay on here anymore? If you do, let me know and maybe we can start one up.

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I am not here right now,` leave a message after the beep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP:

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Name Anna. Or Kitty. You know cause my username.
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you are so welcome
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Stop poofing XD
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Yay :D
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Hellooooo? :P
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Rp? :D
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Stay! XD
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Good hehe :P I'll be on a sec, gotta finish my geometry hw
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