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I'm Jeremy and I'm a human.
No wait, I'm a dinosaur.
I like to draw and talk to people.
My dog and my BJD is the most precious things in my life.
I love to dye my hair, so you probably wouldn't recognize me. Ever.



The number: 43
You guessed: 43

You win 5,000 cPoints!

(Shika deer)

(Chikage Kazama)

This user is currently AWAY:

I'll be back as soon as possible. Put a smile on!

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Latest User Comments
July 05 2012 @ 3:34PM by harry-potter
Hey! Could I borrow thy cereal to know what your talking about?:)
July 05 2012 @ 3:52PM by harry-potter
If you send it to me, I shall send it right back :)
July 05 2012 @ 4:04PM by harry-potter
I will try and feed it to my pet!
July 05 2012 @ 4:11PM by harry-potter
You didn't bug me! I wanted to try it out!
July 25 2012 @ 8:05PM by Bubbles
I'd be interested in seeing some of your artwork, if you didn't mind.
August 10 2012 @ 7:27PM by Anuacyl
lol you're welcome ^,^
August 11 2012 @ 4:07PM by pink
September 26 2013 @ 7:41PM by tawnie88
Thanks for stopping by iShopGalore! :)
September 27 2013 @ 6:43PM by linda85
Thanks for shopping at my shop!
March 11 2015 @ 2:56PM by TGiQtpie
=^^= Thanks for shopping at my shop!
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