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Username dancergrl813
Joined Dec 14, 2008
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Name Sarah Elizabeth
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Club CW Society
Shops Latte's , Safe Keeping, Free Tombstones
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Battle Arena Expert (2,565)
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Latest User Comments
June 30 2012 @ 5:37PM by dancergrl813
June 30 2012 @ 5:38PM by harry-potter
June 30 2012 @ 5:43PM by harry-potter
Thank god! Your a life saver. I now owe you 1550000
June 30 2012 @ 6:12PM by harry-potter
I owe you 200k, I must remember that!
June 30 2012 @ 7:07PM by Skooter Lee
July 09 2012 @ 1:10PM by Sasho
You're welcome, its my pleasure. Great prices :)
July 17 2012 @ 7:36AM by Sasho
Thanks for your purchases :)
August 13 2012 @ 10:24AM by Skooter Lee
Happy Birthday!!!!
September 02 2012 @ 1:19PM by Nortara
Congratulations, College Girl *hugs* ^_^
October 31 2012 @ 2:47PM by BeccaBug
You receive a Dr. Lovebites Curse of Flame Candy You receive a Dr. Lovebites Curse of Darkness Candy Corn You receive a Dr. Lovebites Curse of the Mage Candy You receive a Piece of Mystery Dr. Lovebite Candy You receive a Piece of Fangirl Dr. Lovebite Candy Is in the Trick or Treat bucket thing! :D
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