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Ok I don't understand the fascination with adoptables but lets see if you can change my mind

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The Spirit of Christmas Staff
Excalibur Sword
Collectors Body Armor
Collectors Box
Collectors Shield
Collectors Sword
Forest Dawn Blade
Candy Corn Sword

If you are reading this, a huge thank you to my Secret Santa and my Secret Leprechaun, you are beyond generous and when I hunt you down I will shower you with gifts Put a smile on!

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January 18 2013 @ 1:34PM by BeccaBug
Thanks for the trade kyle! :D
August 27 2013 @ 7:22AM by tawnie88
Thanks for the purchases from my shop!
January 12 2014 @ 1:01PM by tawnie88
Thanks for visiting iShopGalore! :)
January 30 2014 @ 12:55PM by tawnie88
Thanks for stopping by iShopGalore! :)
January 30 2014 @ 12:57PM by tawnie88
Thanks for stopping by iShopGalore! :)
March 07 2014 @ 9:52AM by tawnie88
Thanks for stopping by iShopGalore! :)
March 13 2014 @ 7:17AM by tawnie88
Thanks for the recent visit to my shop!
March 21 2014 @ 10:24AM by tawnie88
Thanks for the visit!
March 21 2014 @ 10:08PM by linda85
Thanks for shopping at my shop!
April 02 2014 @ 3:23PM by tawnie88
Great to see you in iShopGalore!
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