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I miss you Jean. <3

Much love to Buddylove, IrisHouse16, Bubbles, SkooterLee, Anuacyl, and Iris (in no order). If I have forgotten you, please PM me.

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It is really hard to believe I have been a member of this site for eight years (15 if you count the original CW).
Now you may be wondering, why am I 'leaving' the community I so dearly love.
Well, I have grown older and I have less time to dedicate to this site.
I gave it a lot of thought and I decided to turn my shop in a free shop for the massive giveaway.
Once all the items are gone, that is it.
What items I am keeping, I am keeping because I like them or because they are in the gallery.

Since y'all last heard from me, I have earned my two-year degree and I am now working on my business degree.
After that, I will either pursue my Master's in Library Science or seek another master's degree.
I am also working now as well, so work and school take up most of my time.
I also have household responsibilities too.
I haven't married yet, but when I do... I'll let y'all know about the good news.
Other than that, I am taking it one day at a time. <3

If you would like to keep in touch with me, just inbox me and we'll work out a way to keep in touch.
I would post my KIK here but I am unsure if that is against the rules.
If it isn't against the rules, then I'll post my KIK username.
By request, I will inbox you my Instagram username.
That's only if we have known each other for a long time or I feel that I can trust you enough to follow you on there.

With that said, I love you guys and thank you for being a part of my life. Till we meet again, CW. <3
Thank you for the wonderful memories.
Also, thank you for taking the time to read this farewell.
It isn't farewell, but more like a see y'all later.

Oh, when I do have kids, I will allow them to be members of this site.
Since it was very meaningful in my growth as a person.
I am sure it will be meaningful for future generations. <3

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Latest User Comments
September 18 2012 @ 9:50PM by Iris
hanging in there. LOL. haven't seen you in a while.
September 18 2012 @ 9:51PM by Iris
I just can't seem to stay away from cw. LOL
September 18 2012 @ 9:54PM by Iris
the only other place I play is fb and I have been having issues with flashplayer or fb has not sure which but it messes up the games so I haven't been on there much. too agravating
October 25 2012 @ 4:36PM by Bubbles
Thanks for letting me know about the ice cream.
December 06 2015 @ 12:03PM by Friesianlover
thank you and let m,e know if you see something in my shops you want as well glad the trade worked
December 23 2015 @ 12:13PM by Friesianlover
hope it i something you can use!
July 30 2017 @ 4:45PM by IrisHouse16
Thank you :)
July 30 2017 @ 4:46PM by IrisHouse16
And that is awesome:)
February 09 2018 @ 11:29PM by debdeb
I am going to leave your account intact and hope some day you might come back. Will miss you.
February 10 2018 @ 12:48PM by debdeb
I don't think there is a fair way for me to disperse them. You can gift your friends with items if you like or donate things. I really wish you would keep your account and reconsider some day.
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