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~ My Wish List ~

1. 2009 Graduate Squishie
2. 2010 Seakiru Squishie
3. Arcane Dragon Squishie
4. Blue Pencil Squishie
5. Easter Dragon Squishie
6. Faded and Worn Hokaru Squishie
7. Face Eater Teddy Bear
8. Grim Reaper Squishie
9. Holiday Furetto Squishie
10. Jack-O-Lantern Squishie
11.Mothers Day Furetto Squishie
12.Pink Pencil Squishie
13.Reject Furetto Squishie
14.Rose Furetto Squishie
15.Special Edition Kishika Squishie

1. Easter Egg Gumball
2. Good Smiley Gumball
3. Evil Smiley Gumball
4. Firework Gumball
5. Bubbles Gumball
6. Four Leaf Clover Gumball
7. Santas Little Gumball

1. Bat Mushroom
2. Flaming Mushroom
3. Phenomenal Mushroom
4. Pink Candle Mushroom
5. Santas Little Mushroom

1. Math Book
2. The Book of Excuses
3. History Book

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Name Jessica Sum
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Thanks for stopping by iShopGalore! :)
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April 02 2014 @ 3:23PM by tawnie88
Great to see you in iShopGalore!
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Thank you for the recent purchases at iShop Galore!! :) Happy New year!
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