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IMPORTANT: I am CRAZY busy with college and will not be on regularly for a while. I apologize.

Status: College Mode
(I won't be on at regular hours or intervals)
RP - Semi-Open

Welcome to My Profile~



Hello there! You can call me Rhi. I'm a long time resident of Creature World who likes video games, role playing, cooking, anime, manga, reading, writing, traveling, and a ton of other things! I'm rather friendly, so feel free to leave a comment and say hello. Now, let me show you a few things I like.

Caution! Lots of gif-y goodness below!


Don't let the English dub fool you. This show is awesome!


Blood Lad



digital devil saga photo:  DDS_Prithivi.pngdigital devil saga photo:  DDS_Agni.pngdigital devil saga photo:  DDS_Indra.pngdigital devil saga photo:  DDS_Vayu.pngdigital devil saga photo:  DDS_Varna.pngdigital devil saga photo:  DDS_Dyaus.png



The many beautiful things I have heard in the Shoutbox!!!

Nortara says...
A goofy saying comes to mind, Rhi. Everyone brings CW happiness. Some when they come, and some when they leave.

PinkxRhino says...
Thank goodness we have Skooter to keep CW from falling apart at the seams, huh? *lifts a glass of lemonade* To Skooter, our voice of reason!

buddylove says...
No, it's me purple D:


My Wishlist
Strange Twig Any foods (see gallery) Any books
Blue Renaissance Cloak Red Renaissance Cloak Green Renaissance Cloak
Any Wearable Voodoo Doll Egg of the Irish Wyrm White Tiger Ears
Blue Tiger Ears Blue Tiger Tail White Kitty Ears
White Kitty Tail Blue Kitty Ears Blue Kitty Tail
Black Kitty Ears Black Kitty Tail Plum Deep Ocean Tear
Blue Deep Ocean Tear Pink Deep Ocean Tear Red Deep Ocean Tear
Robotic Left Arm - Copper Robotic Left Leg - Silver Robotic Right Arm - Copper
Robotic Right Arm - Silver Robotic Right Leg - Copper Bloody Heart Razor Blade
??? ??? ???

Pink Naga Fang Spooky Twig White Reaper Robe
Red Witch Hat Red Witch Dress Red Witch Boots
Roman Sandals Skull Belt Tiger Skirt
White Kitty Top Pink Witch Boots Pink Kitty Tail
Black Surgeon Mask Green Surgeon Mask Pink Good Witch Set
Pink Witch Set Celty Axe I <3 U Lingerie Box
Gals Confused Ninja Top Easter Dress
Tiger Pants Gypsik Leg Wrap Gypsik Layered Shirt
Gypsik Shoulder Wrap ??? ???
??? ??? ???

Thank you to everyone who has sent something along! There are so many generous people that I can't list all of them or all the things they have given to me. Regardless, I appreciate each and every gift I receive.

This user is currently AWAY:

Ok, I'm suddenly crazy busy with college. Not sure when I'll be on. Sorry, y'all!

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Latest User Comments
July 18 2013 @ 4:30PM by Sterling
I tend to stay away from them because they get hectic and yo have to wait for people to reply and things like that. P:
July 18 2013 @ 4:36PM by Sterling
Yeah. I've joined one once and i was either completely ignored or we had to wait forever for someone to reply.
July 18 2013 @ 4:41PM by Sterling
Yeah i hope rping comes back haha
July 18 2013 @ 6:22PM by Sterling
Your avvie is a kitty!!!! *tackles it* omgosh adorable!!!
July 18 2013 @ 6:27PM by Sterling
lolz I'd love to have kitty parts for mine~!
July 18 2013 @ 6:29PM by Sterling
Coolies. c: Are there any other types of cats?
July 18 2013 @ 6:42PM by Sterling
Aww thanks~! And I'll probably look them up and add then to my wishlist/goals eventually xD ha ha
July 22 2013 @ 12:54PM by Hazmat
Oh my goodness. I was just kind of looking around the site and found your page. Seriously man, you and I need to be Indiana Jones buddies. < 3 Me and those movies go way back... to the point where I can recite them word by word - which takes forever, but it's my only talent. ;3; Andandand I spot a Hitchhiker's Guide... and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on that list of likes you have there. Those are great ones, too. I was wondering if you'd be open to a onexone RP sometime. *u* Really, that's what caught my eye as well. //sneaks away
July 27 2013 @ 12:15PM by Hazmat
x'D Good to see someone who can restore my faith in the world... all of my friends seem to like really bad movies. ;3; Well, badly made, at least. No big! :B I'm pretty bad at it, too. ;-; Nobody seems to want to anymore, so my skills are going away.
November 05 2013 @ 10:49PM by twilight_grl sorry its taken so long to reply.......i need to start getting on here majoring inTheater.......what about you?
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