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I'm a country girl, a twin, and an aunt!!! I love making friends, i play basket ball, and im a cattle rancher
Put a smile on! :heart: :heart:


Put a smile on!



I :heart: you Wyatt, i love you little man

By the way, if your reading this, plzzzzz join my club!!!! i need pack members

So everyone can nickname is KR, not CC...everyone calls me tht name bak in real life, so i figured everyone shud call me it here,r:4,s:70,i:242
Anh dep blog - Hinh nen blog
Anh dep blog - Hinh nen blog
Anh dep blog - Hinh nen blog
Anh dep blog - Hinh nen blog

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Love Glitter, Scraps, Graphics and comments

Love Glitter, Scraps, Graphics and comments

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May 16 2012 @ 12:29AM by Anuacyl
If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. We're always willing to help out ^,^ (Tip: If you respond to a comment, respond on their profile or they may not see it since they won't get a notice about it)
May 17 2012 @ 5:16PM by BeccaBug
Hiya, welcome to CW! :D
May 20 2012 @ 11:23PM by Sasho
You're welcome! And also welcome to CW! :)
June 06 2012 @ 9:25PM by anubis_werewolf
RAWR!!! :P
June 06 2012 @ 9:41PM by Sasho
Thank you :) You look great too! :)
June 06 2012 @ 9:46PM by Sasho
Yeah, he is a nice guy.
July 03 2012 @ 12:45AM by Friesianlover
in the forum everything cw there is a thread on the santa's quest game it's in the explore section and it's a very hard game/ hang around, watch others play and don't try it without back up it's better to save some cp and win some stuff and build your inventory first
July 03 2012 @ 12:49AM by Friesianlover
when you start playing the other quests like treature dog or shea or the farmer, practice with those but santa is the nastiest game I've ever seen them do. In the three years it's been posted on three people made it all the way
July 03 2012 @ 10:51PM by anubis_werewolf
you're welcome. Glad I could help :D
July 04 2012 @ 2:49PM by TwilightFairy
why thank you very much ^_^
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