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I am a full on mommas girl as u can tell Put a smile on! and i love volleyball thats it i guess Put a smile on!

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May 13 2012 @ 1:52AM by charmed
Hi sweetheart. Glad you finally joined :)
May 13 2012 @ 1:53AM by mamagirl9906
im finally old enough ;)
May 14 2012 @ 9:47PM by hazey2000me
ha ha i had that same pet name! then i found it hard to keep the whole cast of Hungeer Games lol
May 14 2012 @ 10:35PM by mamagirl9906
June 28 2012 @ 5:48PM by harry-potter
Can I trade for our Hokaru portal?
June 28 2012 @ 5:53PM by harry-potter
I'm tring to get all the portals, what woul you like for it?
June 28 2012 @ 5:58PM by harry-potter
I can offer 30k?
June 28 2012 @ 6:01PM by harry-potter
Can I talk in about 20mins? I have to go and do something!
June 28 2012 @ 6:18PM by harry-potter
Ok, im here! 40k?
June 28 2012 @ 6:24PM by Anuacyl
Thank you ^,^
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