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⌠ early 20s | preferably ♂ | Hungarian living in Canada | pan & queer | hobby artist | full-time loser ⌡

Hey there, the name's Necromancy,
but you can call me Horror or Dex.
I'm a nerd, dork and kind of a geek too.
My favorite things are Pokémon, Disney,
AHS, the X-Files, snow, nighttime, drawing,
writing and sleeping.

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June 23 2012 @ 5:43PM by Cyn
Hehe, check your title on the staff page. XD
June 24 2012 @ 1:46PM by BeccaBug
Aww, it's great you're back and well! :D
November 05 2012 @ 3:56PM by harry-potter
Necro! Your back! *hugs* how are you?:)
November 05 2012 @ 4:00PM by harry-potter
You have missed a lot! And we've missed you! I'm good thanks!
November 05 2012 @ 4:19PM by harry-potter
It's cool! At least your here now!
November 07 2012 @ 12:47AM by anubis_werewolf
You're alive! *hugs you tightly* Long time no see. How are you?
November 07 2012 @ 12:52AM by anubis_werewolf
good, posting a lot of art on FA now, did a little art here. I have more art requests and trades than I know what to do with. :P How about yourself? how is your art coming along?
October 08 2014 @ 7:41PM by harry-potter
How long you hoping to stay for? Good to see you back!
October 09 2014 @ 5:41PM by harry-potter
Don't worry about it, I probably won't be looking at them today anyway as its almost 11pm here, just send them when your ready :)
September 03 2016 @ 9:33PM by Bubbles
Great to hear from you. Hope you're well and life is being good to you.
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