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Hi this is my wish list!

Black and red tutu
Black gothic print pants

If you have any squishies or mushrooms you dont want ill take them off your hands.

Heres a bit about me

My fav bands are

My chemical romance
Panic!At the disco
All time low
Twent Twenty
Lost prophets
30 Seconds to mars
Young Guns
You me at six
Black Veil Brides
Green day

My fav singers are:

Emilie Autumn
Lady Gaga
Ozzy Osborne
Marilyn Manson

My fav films are

Twilight Eclipse
Phantom of the opera
Music from another room
Kungfu panda
The fall
Lord of the rings trilogy
Bruce almighty
Narnia The lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

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December 31 2011 @ 7:47PM by TheTammiEffect
Lol, thank you! My head is actually in the hands of CelticTiger. If you go to the staff page, you can see it there. :P
January 04 2012 @ 11:05AM by BeccaBug
Love your outfit!
January 04 2012 @ 8:49PM by anubis_werewolf
I'm glad you liked the items and yes I did draw the two on the top as well as the two at the bottom as well :D
January 08 2012 @ 8:00AM by BeccaBug
Your welcome! :) If you have any CW questions, just ask! :)
February 03 2012 @ 3:08PM by genie3c
Thank you.
March 01 2012 @ 2:33AM by Rindy2121
Just wondering, are you from Sydney?
March 05 2012 @ 4:58AM by Rindy2121
Hhhahah ok cause I like the name both ways, city and as a person's name
March 07 2012 @ 12:55AM by Rindy2121
Rindy.......kinda getting boring now
March 09 2012 @ 5:24AM by Rindy2121
You think? I guess there isn't any way to change it. Rindy2121 it is :)
March 13 2012 @ 5:50AM by Rindy2121
Thanks :D Don't take this the wrong way and as much as I like to be your friend, I'm not accepting any requests. I deleted everyone from my list (except cindy) cause I'm not active really.
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