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Thank you Sandi for the nice butterflyPut a smile on!

Thank you Irishouse Put a smile on!

Thank you Pink Put a smile on!


Many thanks to Iris for my new butterflies Put a smile on!




Thank you so much paisleydaisy Put a smile on! - Dog Glitter Graphics - God Glitter Graphics

Thank you Buddylove Put a smile on!

You guys are the best!!

From: Erath

From: Anuacyl

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Username nancysmith
Joined Dec 13, 2008
Member For 13 years, 11 months, 3 weeks
Name Sue
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Latest User Comments
November 02 2014 @ 9:39AM by Bethany
Hi! I was wondering if you can give me the code to put images on my profile. Do you guys use html?
November 02 2014 @ 10:14AM by Bethany
What hair are are you wearing? :)
November 07 2014 @ 5:27PM by Silver116
Thanks for your purchase last Sat! ;)
November 26 2014 @ 5:28PM by Friesianlover
love the gift and your hairdo! Happy thanksgiving!
November 28 2014 @ 8:07AM by Skooter Lee
Thank you Nancy! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
December 02 2014 @ 4:32PM by Skooter Lee
Happy Birthday!!!!
December 02 2014 @ 6:10PM by nancysmith
Thank you :)
December 13 2014 @ 12:06AM by Friesianlover
thank you
July 14 2015 @ 7:29PM by Friesianlover
thanks for shopping and love what you are wearing
December 22 2015 @ 8:14AM by Friesianlover
thank you so much for the cookie
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