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October 02 2009 @ 11:02PM by twilight_grl
天海! how did you do that??
October 02 2009 @ 11:02PM by twilight_grl
tell me when ur done with the rp
October 11 2009 @ 10:19AM by cindy22
you probally dont know me can u be my friend?
October 11 2009 @ 3:53PM by cindy22
im fine :)
October 16 2009 @ 7:50PM by PinkxRhino
Uwah! Please don't forget about Burlette High!
October 16 2009 @ 8:41PM by PinkxRhino
It's ok. I really don't wnat this one to die, is all. I've been wanting to post hte topic for quite a while, so...
November 08 2009 @ 11:25PM by notsosuper
January 24 2010 @ 6:51PM by skateboard89
...You need clothes.
March 05 2010 @ 8:41PM by lilygirl
hey you sound cool lets be friends
May 10 2015 @ 6:04PM by dgswag
Clothes are always necessary
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