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*(Highest Intelligence Finally made it to 16k*
1 Darling 16,000 6/25/2017


Farmers Tickets
Essence of Wind

Skeleton Key Put a smile on! Got it Put a smile on! you are most generous Put a smile on!


Collectors Box

Blue Shirt Box

Pink Spectrum Lunchbox

Blue Spectrum Lunchbox

Angel Outfit

Devil Outfit

Box of Fox

Japanese Pillow Box

Pink Locker


ANY books
Anything in a box.
Anything with the word stick in the name.
Shae's Coins


Christmas Lobster Squishie
Valentine Badger Squishie
Valentine Zenzor Squishie
Valentine Wolf Squishie
Valentine Fox Squishie



Green Grasshopper
Love Bug
Pink Love Sucker
Red Love Sucker
Stink Bug


Acorn Gummy

Portals Needed
Margra Phantom


2009 Gumball
2010 Gumball
2014 Gumball
Amethyst Gumball
Autumn Gumball
Cloud Gumball
Clown Gumball
Easter Egg Gumball
Elf Gumball
Evil Eye Gumball
Evil Smiley Gumball
Firework Gumball
Flaming Gumball
Floral Mothers Day Gumball
Four Leaf Clover GumballXXXXX
Good Smiley Gumball
Greedy Laughter Gumball
IRC Gumball One
Jack-O-Lantern Print Gumball
Joyful Laughter Gumball
Leprechaun Gumball
Magical Gumball
One Year Face-Eating Gumball
Pink Fizzy Tizzy Gumball
Premier Diamond Gumball
Red Rose Gumball
Riches Gumball
Royal Gumball
Santas Little Gumball
St Patricks Day Gumball
Tanzanite Gumball
Topaz Gumball
Tourmaline Gumball


Angelic Mushroom
Autumn Mushrooms
Bat Mushroom
Broken Hearted Mushroom
Bumble Bee Mushroom
Chilly Mushroom
Christmas Tree Mushroom
Clown Mushroom
Dead Eye Mushroom
Decorated Easter Mushroom
Flaming Mushroom
Golden IRC Mushroom
Halloween Mushroom
Independence Day Mushroom
Kitty Mushroom
Lovely Cherub Mushroom
Orange Slimy Skull Mushroom
Pastel Mushroom
Patched Mushroom
Phenomenal Mushroom
Pink Candle Mushroom
Purple Candle Mushroom
Red Candle Mushroom
Red Mushroom
Robotic Mushroom
Rocket Mushroom
Santas Little Mushroom
Sapphire Mushroom
Spring Mushroom
Sweet Love Mushroom
Teal Mushroom
Turkey Shaped Mushroom
Zebra Mushroom

Teddy Bears

Little Girl Christmas Teddy Bear
Aries Teddy Bear
Bumble Bee Teddy Bear
Chilly Teddy Bear
CW 5th Birthday Teddy Bear
CW Times Teddy Bear
Easter Teddy Bear
Flower Child Teddy Bear
Furetto Teddy Bear
Gangsta Teddy Bear
Halloween Teddy bear
I Love CW Teddy Bear
Olympic Teddy Bear
Plushie Teddy Bear
POB Teddy Bear
Queen Teddy Bear
Robot Teddy Bear
Santa Teddy Bear
St Patricks Day Teddy Bear
Turkey Teddy Bear
Valentine Teddy Bear
Witch Teddy Bear

Put a smile on!Put a smile on!Put a smile on! Thankyou for the WL gifts, you all know who you are Put a smile on!Put a smile on!Put a smile on!

Put a smile on!Put a smile on!Put a smile on! Thankyou to my Secret Santa for the gifts Put a smile on!Put a smile on!Put a smile on!

Feburary 17th 2012
Bubbles has given you a 1000 PC
Sapphire Teardrop!

They said... Congrats Gracie. You're
the winner of the Valentines Day
Costume Contest. Put a smile on!
Thankyou so very much to my CW friends

February 27, 2015

harry-potter has given you a 2015 CWA!
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Member of the Year

February 27, 2015
harry-potter has given you a 2015 CWA!
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The Most Creative Dresser of the Year

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For collecting 150 Tombstones
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