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I am the mother of 2 wonderful kids. Sara who is 13 and Caleb who is 6. I am 32. I go to school and work a full time job so I don't have much time to get on here but still love this site. I joined 10 years ago when it first started and can't stay away for long. I have met many good friends on here.

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Latest User Comments
February 28 2012 @ 4:42PM by Skooter Lee
Thank you!!!!!
February 28 2012 @ 4:45PM by Skooter Lee
Thank you for looking for me and thinking of me!
February 28 2012 @ 7:38PM by Silver116
Thank you so much for the email and the hearts!
April 19 2012 @ 5:58PM by Gracie
Your welcome
September 28 2012 @ 5:36PM by Iris
Just wanted to say hi I haven't seen you in soooo long
September 28 2012 @ 5:46PM by Iris
busy with my grandkids. I had a heart attack back in april. kind of a wake up. LOL. Other than that I just keep house and mess on computer.
September 28 2012 @ 6:10PM by Iris
they said I was having a massive heart attack when I got to the emergency room. they took me right into surgery and put a stent in. Then transferred me to the heart hospital to have open heart surgery. But once there they did more tests and found no damage to the heart muscle so i didn't have to have the surgery. thank goodness. I am doing much better since. for years I thought it was just more of the pain from my spine. No idea it wss my heart.
October 05 2012 @ 6:01PM by Sasho
Yes, squared buddy and echo, I think :D
October 05 2012 @ 6:03PM by Sasho
No problem :)
January 02 2013 @ 1:12AM by sweetprincess
happy new year been a while since i have seen you around on here
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