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I am Buddy's minion the lazy one and now the Guy who does stuff with weapons.

Chaos Jack-o-Lantern

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March 07 2014 @ 9:52AM by tawnie88
Thanks for stopping by iShopGalore! :)
July 09 2014 @ 9:27AM by Skooter Lee
Thank you!!
July 22 2014 @ 4:05AM by Zombie
Guess who dis is
September 14 2014 @ 2:33AM by deedeeme
Hiya kiddo.How ya doin?
September 14 2014 @ 2:37AM by deedeeme
Pretty good.I'm loving this site.
September 14 2014 @ 2:46AM by deedeeme
Yes and really trying to build up victorious.By the way,can you send a clickable link to the darkside questions?I have found it once but can;t seem to find it again.
October 11 2014 @ 2:37AM by Rindy2121
Thanks a lot for the items!
February 24 2015 @ 7:59PM by Skooter Lee
Happy Birthday!!!
June 25 2015 @ 6:15AM by TheStrawberryFox
*lurks back*
December 12 2016 @ 11:18AM by deedeeme
Hey you,how are you?
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